Zinc Pitcher

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This vintage pitcher has such a graceful shape.The graceful lines of this tall vintage pitcher are timeless.The base of the zinc pitcher.A picturesque garden setting with the zinc pitcher.The pitcher handle gives easy balance.This vintage french pitcher makes a stunning vase.

Product Description


This pitcher has such graceful lines. It will complement any garden and outdoor setting from rustic to contemporary styles. These pieces are becoming quite popular in garden design and this was the only one I found when I walked around the markets in Normandy.

It is a beautiful setting for flowers but if you want to use it as a vase I suggest you place a glass jar containing the water into the pitcher to avoid corrosion. Pitchers were commonly used to carry water from the garden into the home.

It is in very good condition and watertight. It does not have any dents.It has acquired a patina from being used regularly. I haven’t polished this pitcher as I prefer the aged appearance.


Additional Information

Weight 1.418 kg
Dimensions 44 x 24 x 30 cm