Woven swiss straw

Swiss straw in fan design
There is a small area of discolouration.Fan design swiss straw for hat weaving.

Product Description

This is swiss straw and was used to make woven hats.

It is very difficult to find woven swiss straw in such lengths. The braid is in a fan shape with 5 plaited braids of 2 straws each. Each fan is spaced 5cm apart along the braid. This bundle contains 24.5 metres of woven straw. I haven’t seen anything like this before. There is one picture of a hat which looks as if it has been made from similar straw dated to 1950s on the maddieandmarie pinterest board.

Although the braid is stiff when dry, it should be softened with water in a damp cloth overnight to use. There are a few broken strands where they have been folded and a small area of discolouration which I have photographed. Other than that it seems to be in very good condition and is in three lengths of 7.15m, 4.75m and 12.8m.