Vintage Shaker Hand Mirror

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Vintage Shaker treen hand mirror
Mother of Pearl inlay is on both sides of this mirror.There is a brass loop at the top of the mirror.This vintage mirror would look beautiful on a chest of drawers in a bedroom or in a bathroom.The mirror has a lovely balanced feel to it when held.

Product Description

This is a lovely vintage Shaker hand mirror inset with a mother of pearl button on both sides. There is a fine lighter treen inlay, possibly maple encircling the glass.

The main frame around the mirror looks as if it is walnut. It has magnified glass on one side. A brass loop is inserted into the top of the frame to hang it from a hook.

The condition of this vintage Shaker mirror is consistent with its age with the glass showing a few small spots of deterioration in the mirroring material. There is one small scratch in the timber which looks to be a part of the timber. This vintage mirror is still very usable and will give someone great pleasure when holding its timber handle. It is very likely a Shaker mirror and I believe it was made in Enfield New Hampshire, in the United States. The period of manufacture is probably from1800 – 1899.

It will enhance a bedroom decor, whether it is vintage, shabby chic or contemporary as the Shaker lines are elegant and minimalist in design.


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Weight 436 kg
Dimensions 34 x 2 x 20 cm