Vintage Laburnum Petal plate


Laburnum (buttery yellow) Petal sandwich saucer from Grindley
Laburnum (buttery yellow) Petal sandwich saucer from GrindleyThis mark dates from  1936 to 1954Matching yellow and green in a squash salad on Laburnum Petal saucer.

Product Description

This classic sandwich saucer or plate is in the petal design with the lovely scalloped edge that indicates the Petal style. It is in the laburnum (yellow) colour range. The colour is a true buttery yellow but looks paler in some settings and darker in others.

Although it is called a sandwich saucer it is a perfect size for a small salad for 2-4 people. I made a Summer Squash salad using yellow Pattypan squash and green zucchini which looked very appealing on the yellow dish.

I also served the most delicious Passionfruit Marshmallow on this plate. The lemony colour of the marshmallow matched the lemony colour of the plate perfectly. Click here for my recipe for Passionfruit Marshmallow.

It has the sailboat ship mark that indicates manufacture was between 1936 -1954.

It is in very good condition with no chips or scratches and the glaze is also in good condition.



Additional Information

Weight 0.426 kg
Dimensions 26.5 x 19 x 2 cm