Vintage Kitchen Canisters

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Vintage red enamel canisters, bought in France.
Set of 6 red enamel vintage canisters.Vintage red enamel canisters

Product Description

A lovely set of 6 kitchen canisters in vintage enamelware. They have a very unusual pattern which I haven’t seen on any other canisters. It is a white poppy with a black centre on a red background. The canisters are lined with white enamel.

The 6 canisters show signs of having been lovingly used. There are chips in the enamel around the edges with some chips in the rims as well. The lids all fit very well. They could still be used for storing food or for more whimsical uses such as holding crockery and flowers as part of a table setting. They will only be sold in the one set of 6.

They were bought in France and are most likely 1930’s French or German enamelware. The red colour is beautiful and would contribute delightfully to any kitchen decor whether it is contemporary or vintage chic.

Sizes of the canisters are (H x D): 18cm x 13cm; 17.5cm x 12cm; 16cm x 11cm; 15cm x 10cm; 13.5cm x 9cm; 12cm x 8cm.



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Weight 1.930 kg
Dimensions 36 x 16 x 18 cm