Vintage gingerbread cutters


Woman, boy and girl vintage gingerbread cutters from Alsace.
The front of the woman gingerbread cutter showing the detail of frilly bonnet.The back of the woman gingerbread cutter showing exact outline.Front view of the boy gingerbread cutter showing welding.Back view of boy shaped gingerbread cutter showing the push holes.The front of the little girl gingerbread cutter showing push holes and welding.Vintage gingerbread cutters

Product Description

These cookie cutters might have been used for making Gingerbread figures or sweet dough biscuits. Made from tin with spot welding around the base. The molds each have a flat back with holes to push the dough out. The larger mother figure has a quaint frilly bonnet. They are so attractive they make you want to rush into the kitchen to make gingerbread.

It is difficult to be exact about how old these cutters are but one way is too look at the soldering. As tin soldering was expensive, it was usually done in spots, then as the solder became cheaper it was done in longer lengths. The cutters have a combination of what appears to be spot and longer welding. After about the 1920’s aluminium was often used to make cutters as it was lighter and didn’t rust as these have.

They are lovely pieces and will enhance your home whether it is in a rustic or contemporary style. They can be hung on a kitchen wall or added to a collection and hung from a tree at Christmas time.


Additional Information

Weight 0.396 kg
Dimensions 28 x 11 x 12 cm