Vintage Gien Assiette Parlante


La Vie du Soldat showing soldiers fighting on horseback.
The fine detail on the black scalloped rim of the vintage plate.The Gien mark on the back of the La Vie du Soldat vintage plate.The centre of the plate showing the intricate detail of the fighting soldiers.

Product Description

This is a lovely vintage french plate which is part of a series called ‘La Vie Du Soldat’. It has a detailed pattern showing two opposing soldiers on black and white horses. There are additional soldiers outlined in the shadows behind them. The two horsemen are wearing headgear that could be attributed to a Carabinier and a Shako from the Napoleonic Era. The trim on the plate is a combination of scrolls and flowers with a scalloped edge.

Gien is very collectable porcelain and the mark on the reverse of the plate indicates it was made during the period 1851-1871. The plate is in very good condition with no chips or cracks. It would be a wonderful start to a collection of french vintage plates that look stunning when hung on a wall.

These plates are often called assiettes parlantes (speaking plates) or rebus plates. The drawings and text on the small plates entertained diners whilst waiting to be served. Each drawing in a set would be different but a common theme existed. Sometimes the plates were numbered as part of a series.