Vintage French linen sheet


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AT initials in bourdon embroidery with roundel and flowers filled with love knots.
AT initials in bourdon embroidery with roundel and flowers filled with love knots.Flower embroidery with love knots.Embroidered vintage French linen camisole, bedding and torchonsATsheet-closeupweb-rust-stain-ATsheet_9445sheets-on-shelfsheets-in-suitcase

Product Description

Lovely french metis (linen and cotton) sheet with an art deco motif probably from the 1930s or 1940s.

The monogram of AT is done in beautiful bourdon stitching with a bead like roundel accenting the style. Love knots fill the flowers that soften the embroidered monogram.

The sheet is plain with no additional embroidery, is in very good condition with no tears and a slight age stain in the hem.The fabric is tightly woven with a slightly nubbly feel. The colour is soft and creamy white.

Size: 328 cm x 196cm (129 in x 77 in)

Weight: 1.526 g (3lbs 4 oz USA)

Metis is the french union of linen and cotton usually in the blend of 65% linen and 35% cotton. Often called the workhorse of bedding because it is a very durable fabric that wears well and gets softer with washing.

Wash your sheet in a gentle soap detergent or wool mix. It can be tumble dried on a low heat setting. It also loves being hung out in the sunshine and the colour lightens with washing. If you want to have the sheet sitting beautifully in your cupboards then place your sheet on the bed and run a warm iron over it.

Linen is a wonderful environmentally friendly fabric, that is warm in winter and cool in summer.

Additional Information

Weight 1.53 kg
Dimensions 328 x 196 cm