Vintage French figurine


Figurine holding dove aloft with doves and roses in basket.
The figurine showing the hole from which she can be hung.The basket on the figurine's hip is full of doves and rosesVintage French FigurineVintage French Figurine on outside wall.

Product Description

I am not sure for what purpose this gorgeous lady was originally made but she has a lovely charming air. There is a sense of freedom and spirit as her skirt swirls around her legs and she raises her hand in which there is a dove. Two smaller doves and roses are cradled in a basket she balances on her hip.

She has obviously suffered some trauma in her life as her left leg has been ripped off. There is a small deliberately made hole in the back of her head which is useful as she can then be suspended from a hook.

She is made of metal so can be hung outside where she hangs at the moment beside my front door welcoming my friends and guests.


Additional Information

Weight 0.870 kg
Dimensions 12 x 19 x 35 cm