Salad bowl with silver trim

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A creamy yellow bowl with EPNS trim that makes a beautiful salad or flower bowl.
A close up of the silver trim with the EPNS England mark.A perfect salad bowl.The yellow colour changes from pale lemon to creamy yellow depending on the angle you look at it.The base of the salad bowl.Gardenias which have short stems look glorious in this bowl.A colourful summer fruit salad complements the colours of this salad bowl.

Product Description

This is a beautiful creamy yellow bowl with silver plated trim. The yellow glaze has many imperfections which makes it look pale yellow in some lights and a darker yellow in other lights.

The silver trim has EPNS Made in England stamped into it and is showing signs of having been polished frequently.

Its condition is consistent with age, with some glazing but no chips.

This bowl looks beautiful with a green salad, or a colourful fruit salad, or even used as a vase full of gardenias or magnolias.

Additional Information

Weight 0.824 kg
Dimensions 24 x 24 x 7 cm