La Crinoline vintage french plate

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La Crinoline vintage french faïence plate.
La Crinoline vintage french faïence plate.The mark HB Choisy-le-Roi on the back of La Crinoline plate.The fine detail on the pink border of the scalloped edge of the La Crinoline plate.The fine detail in the centre of the La Crinoline scene, one of a series in the vintage transferware.

Product Description

La Crinoline, no. 9 of a series. The mark on the back of the plate, is H.B encircled by the words Porcelaine Choisy-le-Roi. This indicates that its age dates from after 1836 which was when Hippolyte Hautin & Louis Boulenger took over the porcelain factory. This plate is a beautifully detailed faïence in black and pink. The edge is lightly scalloped with a finely drawn trim.

The wording on the plate reads: ‘Madame! Vous resterez enfermée pendant 24h dans votre jupe, cela vous apprendra a être coquette!

This is one of a series of plates about the stereotypes of the French culture. It is particularly interesting for the representation of le jupon et la robe (underskirt and dress) worn by the young girl pleading to be let out of the crinoline cage. The detail in the plate is lovely with parquetry floor and a paisley style motif on the gentleman’s coat. His hair is tied into a ponytail.

The plate is in good condition with two tiny marks on the trim, and fine crackling in some areas of the glazing as would be expected of this age.

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